3 Tactics I’ve Learned From My Copywriting Study

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Anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection could benefit from this. Copywriting is sales through the written word.

It is one of the topics I am doing a study on this quarter.

This week I’m going to share 3 practical takeaways.

Next week we’re going to get more concrete and rewrite copy I have on a digital product so we can see what the application of these, and other, principles looks like.

3 Tactics I’ve Learned:

  1. Headlines
  2. Frameworks
  3. Closing the deal

1/ What your headline says and how it says it is critical. Done correctly, it will get the reader to read the first sentence. Which needs to create enough interest to lead them to the next. A headline must create interest.

Here are some example headlines that can drive interest:

  • They Didn’t Think I Could ______, but I Did.
  • Who Else Wants ______?
  • How ______ Made Me ______.
  • How to ______.
  • Give Me ______ and I’ll ______.

2/ There are different frameworks that can be leveraged throughout your writing that resonate well with keeping the reader engaged.

  • Problem – Agitation – Solution: people are more likely to avoid pain than they are to go for gain. Pointing out a problem, linking emotion to it, and outlining your solution is powerful.
  • Fortune telling: people are fascinated with predictions. This is what drives most of the news cycle.
  • In vs. out-group: if the writing outlines who the winners and losers will be, the reader will want to align themselves with a winner.

3/ Closing the deal / getting the buy. Three techniques that stand out to me, and that I’m sure you’ll recognize:

  • Intimidation: there is only a limited number! This drives a sense of urgency, and scarcity implies value.
  • Demonstrate the ROI: this I like more. Show how much the product can be worth in the long run and why the money being spent will be well worth it.
  • Guarantee: some people think the guarantee is out of date, but A/B testing shows that it increases response rates.

That’s it for now! Next week I’ll be rewrite the copy on one of my digital products and share with you the exact changes I make. If it leads to any noticeable difference in sales, I’ll write a follow-up on it!

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