The 2 Systems I’m Using To Stay Organized

Life has more variables these days.

Kids, house, work, side projects.

All things I am beyond I am thankful for, but it can be a lot to manage when I am also trying to earn a fit body, calm mind, and a houseful of love.

Two things I am trying as a part of my organization system:

  1. Bullet Journal (analog)
  2. Second Brain (digital)

Bullet journaling is a way of planning the months & days, while capturing notes, tasks, and thoughts in a journal. It’s the junction of productivity and mindfulness.

Building a second brain is a digital organization method so that everything you capture is easy to find and/or look up.

I am a month into combining the two. So far I love the results.

To learn more, there is a book explaining each method which you can find below:

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  1. […] In a previous article, I discussed the personal information system I started using after reading Tiago Forte’s book, “Building a Second Brain“. Forte introduced me to a free application called Notion, which allows you to store all your notes in an organized and searchable manner. Notion recently introduced its “ASK AI” feature. It is impressive. After highlighting your text, you can click “ask AI” to receive a series of prompts such as “make shorter,” “simplify language,” or “change tone,” among others. It then gives you the option to replace your original text with the rewritten version, which you can quickly review to make any final changes you desire. […]


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