The 2 Systems I’m Using To Stay Organized

Life has more variables these days.

Kids, house, work, side projects.

All things I am beyond I am thankful for, but it can be a lot to manage when I am also trying to earn a fit body, calm mind, and a houseful of love.

Two things I am trying as a part of my organization system:

  1. Bullet Journal (analog)
  2. Second Brain (digital)

Bullet journaling is a way of planning the months & days, while capturing notes, tasks, and thoughts in a journal. It’s the junction of productivity and mindfulness.

Building a second brain is a digital organization method so that everything you capture is easy to find and/or look up.

I am a month into combining the two. So far I love the results.

To learn more, there is a book explaining each method which you can find below:

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