How To Do More Pull-Ups

…do more pull-ups.

More accurately: do less, more often.

The pull-up, along with the dip, is my favorite upper body exercise.

With very little equipment you can do a great workout and develop tremendous strength.

The problem most people struggle with is getting volume. Unlike barbells/dumbbells where you can decrease the weight when you want to increase volume – your body weight is static each session.

So how can you get more volume if you’re smoked after 1 set of 10?

My favorite way is through greasing the groove.

Here is how greasing the groove looks in practice:

  • Start your stop watch
  • Every minute do 1-5 reps (I like 3)
  • Do this for 10 minutes and you have 10-50 reps

The beauty of this protocol is that you will not be sore the next day, so you can repeat it multiple times a week. I often do this on my lunch break or before dinner which helps me get an additional ~100 pull ups every week (5 thousand per year).

After doing this protocol for a while you will find yourself smashing PRs.

Like the time I surprised myself and did a 100lb pull up, or this time when I cranked out 20 👇🏻

(My favorite grease the groove movements are: pull-ups, dips, swings, and farmers carry…all don’t require changing out of my work clothes)

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