12 Rules For Working From Home: How to have a fit body, calm mind, and a 600 sq ft apt full of love.

18 months in, no burnout in sight. Here are some daily habits that have kept my fiancé and I on track:

  1. Have an end of day ritual
  2. Walk 3 times daily (after waking, after lunch, end of work day)
  3. Workout ever day (consistency > intensity)
  4. Have in-person social connections
  5. Show your mate you love them
  6. Read. Read a lot
  7. Avoid most forms of media
  8. Pull 3 of 3 nutritional levers most work days, 2 of 3 on weekends, and 1 of 3 on vacations.
  9. Reflect on how lucky you are daily
  10. Set goals so you create more luck, create weekly plans to stay on track, use systems so you cannot lose
  11. Spend less than you earn, invest the difference
  12. Drink seltzer and listen to music that you will sing / dance to every Friday


    1. On a schedule: about 45-60 minutes in the morning while drinking / coffee & tea, and 10-30 minutes before bed depending on how tired I am. + audio books when meal prepping

      Not scheduled: whenever on trains or planes / stuck in a long line.

      Are you able to keep a schedule for reading? I like to think of it as daily exercise for the brain 🙂

      Happy reading!


  1. I have never seen that framework of nutritional levers before. That’s so good. Incredible post Kevin! I love seeing how much of this you can weave back into your already posted content for further reading.


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