The Cheat Code of Adulthood

This past Thursday I was able to meet a couple of old college friends at the local rock climbing gym. We ascended a handful of routes, caught up in between, and even got to use a barbell for the first time in over a year! 

My one friend gave me a ride home and on the way we discussed a career switch he is undergoing. While we discussed how he was approaching his transition it made me think about one of the cheat codes of adulthood: investing a non-trivial amount of time in development.

When I was in high school I remember my track coach saying that showing up every day is 70% of what it takes to be successful. There is merit in showing up every day and being consistent, which will help one reach an acceptable level of proficiency. When I think about the activities I have been average or slightly above average at, it is where I simply showed up every day.

When I think about where I have become above average it is where I have applied purposeful practice paired with a non-trivial time investment in development which usually takes the form of reading a book or purchasing an online course. Neither of these activities needs to take up more time per day than a Netflix episode, and the compounding benefit is worth the investment. 

Leveling up can be closer than you think. 

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