The Golden Age of Learning

Right now is the best time to be alive for learning and development. The cheat code to adulthood is spending a little time learning your craft and applying deliberate practice.

One of the hobbies that I deliberately practice is Jiu-Jitsu. Watching 48 hours worth of instructional videos from John Danaher. The man many consider to be the greatest living Jiu-Jitsu coach.

My favorite fighter growing up, Georges St. Pierre, with John Danaher (top left) in his corner.

This past weekend I was attending a wedding in Austin, TX and had the opportunity to stay a couple extra days with an old friend. Whilst there I planned to drop into the gym in Austin where John teaches. After watching 48 hours of video and listening to this man talk, seeing him in person was not that different from getting to watch one of his videos.

This reinforced for me something I had already believed. Right now the barrier to entry to produce content is low. Now the best people in the world are able to produce great content, make money, and share their message to the world. Yes, it would be amazing to train with the best coach in the world. However, getting his message delivered to me online and then practicing at my home gym seems to be effective enough.

This can be applied to almost any craft. What will you choose?

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