The simple tool you need to keep your week on-track and underloaded

The Tool

β€œA busy calendar and a busy mind will destroy your ability to do great things in this world.”

Naval Ravikant

Being a motivated goal-oriented individual like yourself who reads a site like this you probably naturally end up with a busy schedule. There is a fine line to walk. You want to march towards your goals, but also have time to think.

Long time readers of this blog know that I’m a huge fan of using an index card for my quarterly goal setting. The constraint is perfect for me as it limits the ideas I can work on for a quarter and forces me to prioritize.

I’ve recently found this same beautiful card to function perfectly for my life outside of work. If you’re a balanced individual you have irons in the fire outside of your 9-5. Here is one method I’d found to keep my life outside of work on track and underloaded:

Step 1: Every Sunday night pull out a) your calendar b) your quarterly goals card and c) a blank index card.

Step 2: Make a row for each day of the week.

Step 3: Make a check-box for all your appointments during the week.

Step 4: Examine your quarterly goals and decide which ones you will work on each day of the week. Add in accordingly.


As you go through each week you will get better at optimizing your card. I recommend reviewing what you have on your plate for the following day as a part of your shut-down ritual.

Another analog solution keeping things simple.