Redefining R&R

Ocean City, MD

Last week I got married. It was truly one of the best days of my life: a blend of love, responsibility, commitment in the backdrop of a beautiful garden followed by a giant party with all of our loved ones. Leading up to the big day we had a mountain of time sensitive tasks that needed to get done like:

Practicing our dance

First dance to “Footloose”. Filmed by Kevin Lapham

Finishing up our pre-wedding to-do list

And keeping the ships afloat in our normal day-to-day. Luckily all the hard work paid off and the day went flawlessly, we couldn’t be happier. Following that we were fortunate to stay at a family member’s home at the beach. We got to rest, watch the sun rise each morning, play tennis each afternoon, and we may or may not have gotten sushi four nights in a row…

During our stay at the beach we dedicated one day to reflect. Reflect on how lucky we are, reflect on the course we are on, and how we may want to adjust the course in the coming months. Leaving with a renewed sense of gratitude for what we have and motivation for what is on the horizon, we had a chance to set our quarterly goals and discuss long term direction as well.

As we left we left and drove back to charm city we agreed that we’d be well served to take a “R&R” day each quarter moving forward. A day to reflect and redirect.

Here are some additional photos from our wedding on 10/1/21

Photo by Rachel King 10/1/21
Baltimore City Courthouse 9/30/21