How To Send $BTC To A Trezor Hardware Wallet From Coinbase💰🦺

Are you feeling like you know the very basics of crypto but get lost by the jargon on the internet? Me too. My goal for this post is to help a neophyte like me learn how to send crypto to their Trezor hardware wallet from Coinbase. First, please check out Eric Jorgenson’s “Hardware Wallet 101: The Safest Way to Hold Crypto” post here. Of course, like all information on the internet this is not financial or investment advice and is for informational purposes only; do your own research.

You’ve now read Eric’s post and understand what a hardware wallet is. In this case, you’ve purchased a Trezor hardware wallet, you’ve got it set up, stored your seed phrase in a safe place and you are ready to send some $BTC there. Let’s get into how to send your $BTC there.

Steps I followed to send $BTC to my Trezor Wallet:

  1. With your Trezor wallet plugged in, go to and unlock wallet
  2. You will have the option to select “receive” across the 2nd tiered top banner. Select “receive”.
  3. Select “show full address”.
  4. You will now need to confirm the address on your screen matches the address on your Trezor wallet. Check this. Once done select “confirm” on Trezor wallet.
  5. A QR code will now appear on your web browsers screen.
  6. In your Coinbase app select the “trade” icon.
  7. Select “send”.
  8. Select your asset (in this walk through we’ll be using $BTC).
  9. Enter amount you would like to send.
  10. You now can enter the recipient. Select the QR Code icon and scan the QR code. The address that comes up should match exactly the one you confirmed previously in step #4.
  11. Review order & select “send”.
  12. If you have two step authentication enabled you will be send a 6 digit code to confirm before the trade goes through.
  13. Enter code.
  14. Done!

That’s it. Those are the steps that worked for me, and I hope you find this information useful.


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