Excel Fundamentals: 7 Short Videos For Beginners To Get Better Faster

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Excel is a force multiplier. It is the easiest tool to master that will make you faster at your job.

I reached out to my LinkedIn network to ask what the 1-2 things they wish they knew sooner were.

I recorded 7 videos, each under 5 minutes, going over the fundamentals of excel.

I hope you enjoy, and if there is something you’d like to learn more about please let me know.

7 Fundamentals 📈

  1. Principles of organizing, formatting data, creating a table
  2. Removing duplicates, removing/adding zeros, locking in a cell
  3. Left, Right, Middle, Concatenate
  4. X-look up
  5. “If” statement
  6. Pivot table basics
  7. Pivot table 2: adding formulas, filters, and percentages

Please leave in the comments something you would like to learn more about in excel.

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Here’s one more video I recorded from March. Only 5 minutes going over organizing, concatenation, vlook up & Pivot tables.