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Books from Q3

Fall is in the air and winter is around the corner. The end of the year is one of the best seasons to pick up a book. It is also an opportunity to focus on tying up any year end goals while there is still time of the clock.

My reading list is shorter than usual as my wife and I prepare our house for our baby due in November. If you have any favorite parenting books or resources, please leave a comment below!

Below are the books I read last quarter. If you are looking for a book, I recommend picking one up for Q4.

Q3 Reading List

  • The Essentialist by Greg McKeown is a great book. I’ll sum it up for you here: do less, do better. The core concept of The Essentialist is aimed at the motivated type A person who tries to do too much and ends up majoring in many minor activities. The Essentialist promotes a life of intentional choice.
  • Dune: God Emperor by Frank Herbert – I’ve had a ton of fun with the Dune series. One of the best fiction series I’ve read. The first and third books in the series, in particular, kept me up at night reading because they were that engaging. The story telling and world creation Frank Herbert displays is worth studying.
  • The Expectant Father by Armon Brott – this book I have slowly been working through as my wife has progressed throughout her pregnancy. Each chapter focuses on the month of the pregnancy leading with: here is what is going on with the babies development, here is what your partner might be going through emotionally & what she is experiencing physically, and here is what you might be feeling. The book is highly practical and one that I would recommend to other first time fathers. 10x more valuable than attending a birth class.

I hope that one or more of these books catches your eye and, if not, check out my previous quarters reading lists.

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