The Power of Specificity: How Being Precise Can Boost Your Earnings

The world is a malleable place.

People who are specific have the mallet.

Let’s look at 2 situations where being specific leads to more $.

Situation 1

  • Person A says to their manager, “let me know if you need any help.”
  • Person B says, “X seems like it takes up your time, can I take that off your plate?”

Situation 2

  • Person A says to their mentor, “I’m looking to grow – can you help me find my next step?”
  • Person B says, “I want to move to our ecomm operations team, do you have any connections there?”

Why is person B now getting paid more?

A mentor once said to me “you are paid to think.”

In the above examples person A is trying to outsource their thinking to their manager or mentor.

Person B has done some thinking already and is approaching them with a clear ask that has a binary answer.

Because person B is doing the thinking they are easier to lift.

When the request for help boils down to a simple “yes” or “no” question, the answer often is “yes”.

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