Leverage That Every Knowledge Worker Should Be Using + The Best $50 I Spend Every 6 Months

Small Lever

Over the last two months, after hiring and training 4 teammates remotely, I finally started leveraging video recordings regularly. A video recording paired with a detailed standard operating procedure is an output / force multiplier, and with the software most knowledge workers have provided to them by their employers this multiplier is totally free. Any question you are already taking the time to answer more than once should be well documented and recorded. Freeing yourself up for deep work / trouble shoot the nuance of a task after someone is caught up to speed on the fundamentals.

Leverage comes in the form of capital, people, and products with no marginal cost of replication. I find that often the discussion around leverage focuses on entrepreneurs / coders discussing products that can be made with no marginal cost of replication, but for the average knowledge worker a video serves the same purpose. With each one you build, your lever gets longer.

If you are a knowledge worker who is deliberately developing skills that are valuable & doing deep work, the best thing for your career is to become a better communicator (speaker & writer). Today I just paid my $50 for my 6 month membership in my toast masters club. It is the most lucrative investment I make. If you want to be highly valued / sought after it is a simple formula: be great at what you do and become a great speaker / writer. Suddenly you will be a leader.

All the while, working on increasing that lever arm…

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