Health Updates: Changes I’ve Made To Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle In The Last Year

Last year I published changes I made to my fitness routine, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Link below.

Here we go again.


My workout split has changed. Slightly. I used to treat the weekends as active recovery, but now only have time for workouts or BJJ in the morning. I do resistance training 4 days a week (Sun/Tue/Thu/Sat), and train BJJ 3 the other days. I do no resistance training on my BJJ days, since I grapple in the morning now. My resistance training is still similar to the one I wrote about 2 years ago here.

Movements: I didn’t have access to a barbell for 2 years. I did, and still do, mainly kettlebells and calisthenics. Now I do 1 barbell exercise per quarter on the 1 day I have access to a full gym. Last quarter I focused on back squats, and this quarter on deadlifts. It feels good to be back. The other days I follow my usual routine.

Birthday fitness measurements: this year I started a birthday fitness test: max dips, max pull-ups, 1-mile run, and waist measurement…I want to add VO2 max next year (one of the best indicators for a long health span).

Exercise snacks in front of the baby. Lastly, my wife and I try to do a little exercise in front of our baby every day to model the way. Taking the form of a few sit-ups or burpees before dinner.

🍎🧬Nutrition / Lifestyle

Meal timing. After having a baby, I eat earlier and go to bed earlier. Why? Baby gets his bath at 7 pm sharp. So we’ve been finishing our meals by then, and then when he is asleep by 8 pm the house is quiet. I’m in bed shortly after. It’s been great.

Booze: special occasions only, and 1-2 drinks on those days. Cut off ideally 3 hrs before bed.

Supplements: protein powder, creatine, cod liver oil, vitamin D3, trace minerals.

Cold showers immediately after waking if I’m not biking to BJJ or work. This has replaced my cup of coffee pre-workout.

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