📚Kevin’s Q3 2023 Reading List

This quarter was full of great stories.

Fiction, narrative non-fiction, & biographies.

I can’t wait to share this list with you & hear which books you pick up.

But first, I have a long list of audiobooks below. I got most of them for free through the Libby App. You need to have a library card to sign up, which, of course, we all should have, and you’ll be limited to your library’s catalog. But you will be surprised how many great books you can find on there. You can save your audible credit for books they do not carry.

Alright, to the list!

📚Books I Read

  1. The Box by Marc Levinson is the story of the shipping container. How it made our global economy bigger and the world smaller. This book was DENSE, but gives you an understanding of how much technology shapes our world. I wrote a 5 part series on my learnings which you can find here.
  2. Killing Of The Flower Moon by David Grann is a story documenting the 1920 Osage tribe murders in Oklahoma. The movie about it is coming out this October. The story is unbelievable and you won’t be able to put the book down.
  3. The Learning Game by Ana Lorena Fabrega is a great read for parents. Ana tries to address this issue: How can we shift from teaching kids to excel in school to helping them develop a love for learning? My wife will be reading this one next.
  4. Confessions of An Advertising Man by David Ogilvy I picked up after hearing Founders Podcast pound the table about it several times. Whether or not you are interested in learning about marketing, his chapter on climbing the ladder would serve any young ambitious reader well.

🔉Audio Books

  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear is going to be in a regular rotation for me. It is short & to the point, but helps me recalibrate my behaviors.
  2. Socrates: A Man of Our Times by Paul Johnson is a good introduction to the man. His impact on the West at large can still be felt today.
  3. The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquhart will make you thankful for everything you have. A Japanese POW in WWII, Urquhart survives working on the River Kwai, survives getting torpedoed on a Japanese “hell ship”, and survives on a raft for 5 days. After making it back to Japanese mainland he is back at a prison camp and is working outside in Nagasaki when the nuclear bomb is dropped. Wow. It is a lot to cover. His attitude and endurance is inspiring.
  4. $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi is a short book on how to structure offers your customers will “feel stupid saying no”.
  5. The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a fictional story of a father & son trying to make it to the coast after, what the reader can only assume, is some kind of nuclear apocalypse. Great story telling by the late McCarthy.
  6. No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy will go down as one of my favorite audiobooks. Wow. I listen primarily while I’m cleaning up around the house while my wife is putting the baby to bed….I was looking for more stuff to clean. If you are just looking for good story telling, start with this audiobook.
  7. The Hobbit & The Fellowship of The Ring by Tolkien are masterpieces.

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father & son reading
Not listed, ton’s of kid’s books 🙂