Single Use Spaces and Technology: Enhanced Focus

Single use technology

Continuing with one of the general themes from last week (focus), I want to expand on something I’ve been experimenting with more.

That something is single use spaces and single use technology.

In our modern world, lines often blur.

We work from home, raise kids, entertain, and perhaps even workout within the same space.

Our phones have become multi-purpose tools: we work, entertain ourselves, and communicate with loved ones using the same device.

Let’s talk about how decoupling spaces and technology can improve focus.

When an item or a space is dedicated to a singular purpose, it communicates a clear signal to your brain: ‘this is its function’.

For example:

  • You pull out your camera: you are there to take a picture.
  • You break out a notebook: you are writing.
  • You hit “start” on your stop watch: you’re running (swimming, lifting, etc).
  • You sit down in the place where you always write: you’re writing now.
  • You go to your desk for work: you’re working.
  • You go into your basement: you’re working out.

You get the picture.

When my wife and I were in a 600 sq foot apartment, and we both worked from home, we had to implement a shut down ritual as a way to change state since we had a blended space.

I like not having a long commute just as much as the next person. But I also recognize the power of focus that comes with a single-use space. It is for this reason that as my family grows and my little office gets turned into a bedroom I’ll be looking at placed closed by where I can rent a place to work.

What are single-use cases that benefit you?

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