Something My Track Coach Taught Me About Success

70% of success comes from this

One of my first mentors was my high school track coach, Coach Urso. He was an ideal role model for a young high schooler: fit, well read, quick witted, and, above all, could still dunk a basketball in his 40s.

On a day following a practice that had low attendance he told me something as we walked back to the locker room:

70% of success is just showing up, every day, on time, ready to do the work.

Coach Urso

The other 30%

A mentor from later in my life, Cal Newport, introduced me to Anders Ericsson’s concept of Deliberate Practice (here is a one minute video explaining the concept). Deliberate practice, which Anders writes about in his book Peak, is how one gets to the other 30%. This requires not just showing up, but showing up with an intention, getting feedback, and adjusting for better results next time.

A blue collar work ethic with an indominable will takes you 70% of the way there, pair this with deliberate practice and you will be unstoppable.

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