On Preparing For Extraordinary Events

This will be an unusual post for my site. Some will think it is overkill, others who geek out about this topic will think it is underkill, and the pessimists will think it is irrelevant. I think of it as a little insurance.

Today I am going to write about some ideas I was chewing on over the weekend regarding general preparedness. Last week Russia invaded Ukraine. The West is hitting Putin, who has nuclear weapons, with every economic sanction in the book. This world event has left many of us, myself included, glued to the news trying to understand the implications.

Focusing on my locus of control, I am going to share some thoughts I have on preparing for instability.

  • Shelter
    • Ideally during a time like right now you can get away from a major city temporarily.
    • Just like many Texans found out last winter, it is good to have blankets and sleeping bags handy for inciment weather incase the power goes out.
    • Owning a small tent and/or hammock is also a good idea.
    • If one really needed it, understanding how to make a temporary debris shelter could save you (see image below).
  • Water survival time without water: 3 days.
    • I like to have a few extra gallons of water in our house incase the plumbing stops working.
    • A to-go water purification option is good to have.
    • Owning a tarp and some string also allows you to gather rain water (see image below).
  • Food survival time without food: 3 weeks.
    • I like to keep a good supply of canned fish and dried rice/beans in my house as non-perishables.
    • Fishing pole, slingshot (rabbits / squirrels), or firearms could all be used for gathering food.
  • On The Move
    • A good jacket, walking shoes, bicycle, physical road map, and a plan on where you would go should an event happen in your area could all prove to be useful in the event that power is shut down for extended time.
  • Money
    • Cash – good to keep some on hand, whatever your comfortable with.
    • Hardware wallet – as we’ve seen in Russia and Canada over the last two weeks, it is possible to shut down traditional financial transactions. Owning a hardware wallet (and having access to electricity / wifi) is one additional layer of security if that happens.

I’d love to hear of any other low-hanging preparedness fruit you all might have! Comment below or message me on Twitter if you would like to share.

In the meantime, be kind to those around you, and don’t miss a chance to tell a loved one how much they mean to you.

Temporary Shelter: Image of what a debris hut looks like before it is covered in debris
Man-Made Catch: Image of a way to gather rainwater with a tarp and string.

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