One Great Podcast and Two Important Values

Everyone loves a comeback story and a come-up story. In today’s short post I am touch on both.

First, the comeback story.

🎧A Great Podcast: Rich Roll on The Tim Ferriss Show

This weekend I listened to one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve listened to in a while. In this interview Rich shares his battle with alcohol, which he did not overcome until his thirties, and his battle with workaholism & weight management which he did not tackle until his forties.

One of the many lessons in this interview that I always need reminding of is, fortune willing, we have more time on this planet than we realize. Rich was able to reinvent himself twice in twenty years, and feels at 52 that he is just getting started. For me, this is a reminder to not be a donkey and focus one thing at a time with vigor.

Also in this two hour interview you will get to learn what worked for Rich as he continues the fight with alcoholism, how he trains for endurance raises via zone 2 training, and why he sleeps in a tent every night in his back yard (not a joke!).

💰Two Important Values For The Come-Up: Industry and Frugality

Right now I’m reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Benjamin Franklin. In it, much like in his autobiography, I’m reminded of the virtues Franklin embodied and injected into the American spirit. Particularly, that a tradesman who lives frugally and is industrious will stand before kings. One of the themes he frequently wrote about under his pseudonyms was that slow and steady diligence is the true way to wealth.

These are the same themes you’ll find being written about three hundred years later by Mr. Money Mustache. Despite the get rich quick schemes on the internet I believe frugality and industry are still reliable ways to wealth today.

It worked for a runaway tradesman in 1700 via Ben Franklin and a Canadian immigrant today via Mr. Money Mustache. And for countless others.

🍻 To renewed focus and your own come-up this year.

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