Sample workout for travel + an exercise every office worker should do.

Two weeks ago, I found myself traveling on a weekday for a friend’s bachelor party. Before I had my current home-gym equipped with kettle bells and gymnastic rings, I lived out of my car for a year where I had one light kettlebell (35lbs) and a jump rope. Coupling these two devices with gravity I was able to stay very fit with no operating expenses once I had my two pieces of equipment.

Even though I was far away from my iron paradise last Friday I was able to stay on the path with nothing but a jump rope.

Since I knew I would be traveling I front-loaded my week with movements that I knew I would not be able to do on the road (pull ups, dips, KB swings, KB squat, KB clean & press, etc.) so on Friday I could take care of what movements I had not done yet (lunges, jump rope, burpees).

I put together the below workout after downing a glorious 7/11 coffee before my mates woke up.

5 RDs for time:

Then: 2-minute plank

When you incorporate systems into your goals, and begin follow the first principles of the prepared man fitness routine putting something together like this becomes second nature and ensures that when life gets in the way you do not miss a beat.

+ While we’re here and talking about fitness, I also want to draw attention to a highly under-rated exercise called the prone row which I have reincorporated into my routine after a brief hiatus. If you work in front of a computer all day this is something you should consider adding into your routine as well.

My brother showed me this movement after he returned from boot camp. Here is a video explaining it:

Every office worker should incorporate this simple body weight movement into their routine. Strengthening the upper back, scapula, and neck – all the muscles that can help you avoid the c-shaped spine in the long run.

That’s it for now, stay strong.

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