The Most Under-Rated Exercise

This one weird exercise will get you ripped….

Just kidding. 

One exercise alone won’t do it, but I have come to believe that LUNGES are the most under-rated exercise. Where am I getting these ratings from? General observation and the oracles of strength and movement: Mark Rippletoe (Barbell Strength), Pavel Tsatsouline (KettleBell Strength), and Kelly Starrett (all around movement expert). I respect and cherish the work these men have put together, however, from what I have read, none of their books cover the lunge! 

Why am I rating the lunge so highly? 

In a world where people may or may not have access to a gym it is a movement that can be done anywhere for a multitude of different outcomes. 

Can’t run a mile today because your joints are sore from pounding the pavement? Doing lunges around my entire block with just my body weight takes about 10 minutes and will get my heart rate up just as high. 

Are you an athlete or want to be more explosive? Do a tabbatta with jump lunges.

Strength training? Get a set of dumbbells or a sandbag and you can torch one leg at a time. 

Preparing for a long hike? Load up your backpack and go for a walk, every couple of blocks get a set of 10 lunges in. 

Maybe you’re a baby boomer and just want to focus on general health. Lunges are a great way to practice balance and build stability muscles so you don’t go down like a ton of bricks next time you trip. 

Lunges have become a staple in my at home fitness routine. Let me know if you give them a try, and feel free to write me if you’re looking for ideas on how to incorporate it into your program. 

Stay strong.

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