You’re not the boss, but you are in charge.


You’re not the boss, but you are in charge.

    • In charge of how you spend your time.
    • In charge of the questions you ask.
    • In charge of the insight that you produce.
    • In the powerful, horizontal organization, each of us decides what to learn next, who to talk with next, what to move up on the agenda. 
    • Show me your to-do list and you have told me a lot about your choices.”

-Seth Godin



Of course, there are many things outside of our circle of control to not get hung up on, but there are so many facets of life we are in charge of that will directly impact our productivity, performance, and happiness. Here are some other considerations I would add to Seth’s list that can make a big difference:

You are also in charge of:

  • The first thing you do each morning. 
  • The inputs (information) you are exposed to.
  • The people you surround myself with.
  • The first thing you do when you get to the office.
  • The attitude you bring to every interaction.
  • The nutrition and exercise you get each day.

Own your outcomes.

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