Creativity As A Muscle

noun_Muscle_29606 copy.png

Confidence is developed by doing something you previously couldn’t

Creativity is a perishable skill. Part of the reason I started this blog was to practice writing more. Of course, if I wanted to become a better writer I needed to write more.

Alas, last week at one of my companies give-back events another muscle I have been ignoring was exposed – and then developed.

We were drawing pictures for students to receive within a care-package. My first card was essentially a bulleted list in picture form. Why can I only think in bullets!?!?! Probably because of the amount of emails I send at work…

To challenge myself I sat with one of the most creative people I knew and asked for help. He then made a series of challenges:

Draw something with your favorite animal:



Draw something samurai themed:


Draw something about friendship:

Friendship.jpg(did my friend get a black eye???)

By the end I was having an absolute blast and found myself with more creative confidence. Though the drawing was not great I was more confident.

What is something you want to get better at? How can you start small and develop the confidence?

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