A Tip of The Cap to A Great Leader

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This week marked the end of a run for one of the best leaders I have had the pleasure to learn from and observe. When I reflected on Jasonโ€™s time here three things stood out to me most:

  1. His warm command of a room: a lights-out public speaker who gets the respect needed not by being loud, rather he is posed, calm and knows the content.
  2. How many people he knew on a first name basis: when walking behind this man in the hallway I was consistently blown away by how many folks he knew by name. This personal touch goes a long way in earning trust.
  3. His integration with the people he leads: being in the gym every morning and inviting people into his office for breakfast on a weekly basis. This helped to avoid isolation, one of the trappings of leadership. Integration with the people and consulting them directly is imperative, as it is nearly impossible for people at the cutting edge to get their feelings up through the channels undiluted.

I tip my cap to you, Jason, and thank you for being a great role model and leader.

Best of Luck!

baseball hat by MONTANA RUCOBO from the Noun Project

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