Training a New Hire

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โ€œRegard the small as large and the few as many, and resentment with kindness. Plan for the difficult while it is easy, act on the large while it is minute. The most difficult things in the world begin as things that are easy, the largest things in the world begin as minute.โ€

Tao-Te Ching CH. 63

Over the past two weeks I have had the pleasure and challenge of balancing my work with training a new hire. Although I am certainly no expert on training, I have put a lot of focus and effort into teaching, what I consider to be, the right philosophies/principles/tactics that make a teammate great. This is incredibly exciting to me because for the first time I know exactly what habits are being built, and if they are not good that falls on me. I have the luxury of having great teammates now, but when I wasnโ€™t as lucky those coaching conversations and trying to change habits was acting on the difficult while it was difficult. Contrast that to being able to establish habits, you get to act on the difficult while it is easy.

To quote Steve Prazenka from About Face:

โ€œ If you learn it right you will do it right the rest of your life. If you learn it wrong, you will spend the rest of your life trying to learn it right.โ€

When it comes to training someone, get the little things right. The buck starts and stops with you.


young man by Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project

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