Starting 2019 Off Right


What if I told you I could shoot a 3-point shot with more accuracy than Steph Curry? Given, of course, that he was blindfolded and spun around a few times so that he did not know where the basket was. You would say, of course how can he hit a basket he cannot see. Yes, one cannot hit a target one cannot see, and one cannot see the target unless the target is established. On this blog the idea of quarterly goal setting has been discussed, being that this is the beginning of the next set of quarters I am going to take some time on my day off from work to dive a little deeper.

Here are some exercises focusing on gratitude, core values, goal setting, associations and adventure to do on or around New Year’s Day to kick off 2019 right!

Gratitude Exercise:

  • Three amazing people in my life are:
  • Three great things about my home are:
  • Three great things about where I work are:
  • Three great gifts/talent/skills I have are:
  • Three great gifts/talents/skills my partner has are:
  • Three great experiences I have had in the past year are:

Core Value Exercise:

  • Who is the person I respect most in life? What are their core values?
  • What are the three most important values I want to pass on to my children someday?
  • What do I want to be said about me in my eulogy?
  • If I could have more of any one quality, instantly, what would it be? Why?
  • What are three things I stand against?

Goal Setting:

    1. Write down what you want (state in present terms)
      • Consider using categories (i.e. mind, body, personal, professional)
    2. Write down why you want it (If the why is not clear or too long than take it off your current list)
    3. Set a deadline
    4. Identify obstacles
    5. Identify the people, groups, or organizations that can assist or build momentum
    6. Benefits of achieving this goal
    7. List the skills needed to attain the goal
    8. Make a plan
    9. Leverage the Law of attraction – develop a statement to write in your journal each day to write down. Or visualization
    10. Reflect each evening on steps you made towards your goals.

Associations Exercise:

Who are the five people you spend the most time with? How do they rank (scale 1-10) in each of the following categories? What is the average of each of these categories? Is that where you want to be? Will your associations move you closer to or further away from your goals?

  • Physical health & wellness
  • Mental attitude
  • Family
  • Relationship health
  • Lifestyle
  • Financial health
  • Career

Adventure/Travel: What 1-3 things do you want to do this year? Schedule them now before the calendar fills up.


Target by Juan Pablo Bravo from the Noun Project

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