7 Low-Hurdle Differentiators

Some skills are a force multiplier that take years to hone.

$1 in front of a train

Then there are force multipliers that anyone can learn with a little effort.

$100 in front of a tricycle

I’m here to talk about those today.

7 Low-Hurdle Differentiators

  1. Names → write down people’s names who you meet in the notes section of your phone with a detail or two that will help you remember them. In any language, a person’s own name is often considered the sweetest sound.
  2. Take notes & send the follow up → the Latin word “anteambulo” means “one who clears the path”. The person who takes notes & sends follow-ups is clearing the path for everyone. When you help clear the path, you help steer the direction.
  3. Enthusiasm → the Navy has a construction crew (called “Seabees”) their motto is “can do”. A little enthusiasm goes a long way. Adopt this as your attitude. Don’t go around looking like the photo on your drivers license.
  4. Accept Change In Stride → there is a short parable-ish book called “Who Moved My Cheese?”. I’ll spoil it for you now. The cheese gets moved. The mouse who cries about the cheese being moved starves. The one who waits for a new map of the maze to get published is done for. The one who starts walking to find the new location and learns along the way gets nourished & happy.
  5. Speaking → if you learn to speak in front of a crowd, and you have strong technical skills you will quickly become a people leader. The cost of joining a toastmasters group is $90/year, and there are many other options. There are few no-brainer investments in life; this is one of them.
  6. Writing → if any part of your work relies on written communication, you should learn some fundamentals of copywriting. Writing that is clear and easy to act on will save you bags of time.
  7. Follow-up → Follow-up is the difference between something getting done on time or swept under the rug. With a little bit of organization you can get more projects to the finish-line with a few seconds of additional time invested. (I cover my system for follow-ups here)

That’s my list. All of these things can be learned.

What would you add?

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