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This site is B.S. free.

I have a full-time job so there is no need to run ads or spam you with click-bait.

But I like making things.

I will continue making digital products that are useful.

It has to be useful.

If you’ve gotten value from this site, you might like one of the products below.


The Path is a book you can buy on Amazon. It is a series of journal prompts that can help you set goals.

The Personal Operating System For Account Managers & People Leaders Who Use Outlook is a digital course for leaders who use Outlook & Notion. I cover effective emailing, how to use the calendar appropriately, flagging, and more. The product is text based with several video walkthroughs. You can get it for $0.99.

Get Rich Slowly is a digital course outlining my personal investing strategy. It’s priced at $9.99. You’ll find many of the ideas throughout this blog.