Making Your New Year Goals Happen 🎯

Patterson Park Baltimore, MD

It is no mistake that we celebrate the birth of a hero during the darkest part of the year. Many myths have this story structure. With this in mind, I think it is hardwired in us to get excited about the turn of the calendar year. The days are getting longer and it is time for us to make things happen.

My challenge to you (and to me)🏁

As I think about the new year I do two things:

  1. Review my long term plans (good to do this with your spouse too).
  2. Write down 3-5 big goals for the year (these have to align with your long term plans / values).

It is important to make some of these reach goals. We should never feel bad about trying and failing. The person who never fails never tried.

But don’t forget the most important partπŸ‘€

Writing down the big swing you want to take it exciting. However, the real work is done in the trenches. The day to day. The blue-collar work-ethic with a perceptive gaze forward. If you only visit the annual goals once you will forget about them.

For me, the big swings can only be achieved through quarterly goal setting, weekly planning, and daily execution. Sitting down on Sunday and plotting out the week isn’t sexy. It is how you wake up on December 31st looking at your 5 yearly goals and realize that you smashed all of them.

Cheers to a new year! 🍻


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